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Material    Light Ash, 2 pieces

Cavities    Aluminum surface for noise shielding



Material    Maple, Quarter-Sawn, 3 pieces



Peg           GOTOH MGT

Nut material Bone

Nut width   43mm


Material       Pau Ferro, Radius: 250 inches

Frets            24 frets, JESCAR Stainless

Scale Length  25 inches


BRIDGE      GOTOH 510FE Steel Saddle Steel Block Stud-Lock



Front Pickup   Truth Hetero-sonic Mini-Humbucker*

Center Pickup  F Vintage, Alnico V, 42AWG, Enamel-coated wire

Rear Pickup   Truth Hetero-sonic Mini-Humbucker*



5-Way Lever Switch

  1: Front Humbucker

  2: Front Pole-piece Single Coil Split

  3: Center Pickup

  4: Rear Pole-piece Single Coil Split

  5: Rear Humbucker


  Master Volume, Treble, Presence, Bass

  Push-pull Selector

            Treble Knob Pulled-Up:   Center Pickup Always On

            Presence Knob Pulled-Up: Master tone

            Bass Knob Pulled-up:     Pre-amp OFF


*: Truth Hetero-sonic Mini-Humbucker is an unique pickup in that it consists of two single-coil pickups of different designs: A pole-piece single-coil producing fat sound, and a bar-type single-coil pickup giving bright sound.

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